Who We Are ?

Artify focuses on learning the unlearn and processes it by creating an innovative feature to transform the user into a ‘Smart User’. Artify’s smart technology talent pool identifies those good to have features that have high aspirational value for the users and thus tops it up with those esteemed value points that make the user exceptionally smart.

Artify is poised to launch its first initiative in this foray with its smart chat platform ‘OMNiFiE’, which is essentially an Online Social Networking Chat Platform, uniquely designed and developed with its unparalleled position in chat experience for the user community.

Artify research work focus is on developing AI-based software components that are platform agnostic and are built as components. These components once become market-ready will be targeted to be aligned with different industry sectors to transform their care platforms to smart platforms e.g. sectors like Home Automation, Automobiles, lifestyle as well.

CAPT. Manish Chaudhary

Views Of CEO, Artify Research Labs Global PVT LTD

In the previous two decades, Information Technology globally focused on process automation through digitization with solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Core Banking & Insurance Solutions, etc. Then the need for business Intelligence was identified to boned and reap the benefit of the real-time data to meaningful data for the management and board of the institutions and enterprises, to support their decisions in forecasting and planning.

The next two decades is the era of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, which will lead the businesses to derive and optimize all the activities in a Business, to create a competitive edge. In this process, the AI tools will read the activity of the user working on the digital platform and their behavior as well to accomplish a task; Then will inturn process with logical assertions on the behavior of each user. 

These tasks will then be automatically prompted by these AI-based Softwares, which we term as ‘Smart tasks’ as the Software prompts and takes the place of the user to accomplish that task, while the user would have total control on it while giving flexibility and ease of use to all stakeholders in this ecosystem.

What Our Mission

“To exploit the power of machine learning using artificial intelligence and technology, to transform the way of life for human on the planet earth.” Research, process, design and develop AI based hardware and software products and components that disrupt technology innovation with a motto to create a new way of life to:-

  • The user community for enriching and simplifying their lifestyle.
  • The service providers for enhancing their unconditional loyalty terms.

by mere core or plug n play features that are platform agnostic