About OMNiFiE :: Presented By Artify Research Labs

OMNiFiE is a ‘Online Socializing Platform’ developed by ‘ARTIFY RESEARCH LABS GLOBAL PVT LTD’, that is aimed to connect the world user community by eliminating the limitations and barriers of language, culture and interests.

Once the users experience the power of online socializing with strangers on OMNiFiE, giving a way to rejuvenate themselves, then its needless to say that the online socializing platform has made a difference in their lives, who could unleash themselves cutting their psychological boundaries.

Research proves that people’s moods improve and they feel happier on a day, when they have interacted with a stranger then listening to music or reading books. One feels richer and touched, when a stranger shares a story or event of their life and then they sheepishly say that they have shared something that they have never shared with anyone, which makes them to think deep and long.

Experts state that even a brief talk with a stranger can sometimes help you boost your sense of well being and your outlook on life. And of course, some strangers can continue to communicate and develop a deeper connect and they become a part of your life.

Leaving such long term benefits, there are other unexpected momentary pleasures in talking to strangers to explore or to gain knowledge that cannot be felt while communicating with your best and dear ones.

As quoted by ‘KIM STARK’, the author of ‘when strangers meet’, this communication can lead to a special form of closeness that sociologists term as ‘fleefing intimacy’. This can comfort as well as leave a feeling of fulfillment and content.

OMNiFiE will endlessly strive to deliver the features that would raise the bar. Moving forward, as the application is loaded with communicated data, our endeavour is to embed the chat application with machine learning techniques using artificial intelligence based on the user’s communication behavior or Omnifie.

Vision : OMNiFiE

OMNiFiE’s vision is to make the world citizens stay virtually connected seamlessly though the boundaries of thought and emotions that limit them to express and feel abstained of their physical presence from the place or location they desire to be