Enhance communication & SOCIABILITy

Artify Research Labs

Artify is a research processing and innovation technology laboratory for creating feature rich utilities for users based on their communication behavior using Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology.

Artify Global Specialty Factors

Learn and Be Smart

Artify focuses on learning the unlearn and process it by creating an innovative feature to transform the user to a 'Smart User'.


OMNiFiE Chat Platform

Artify is poised to launch its first initiative in this foray with its smart chat platform 'OMNiFiE', which is essentially a Online Social Networking Chat Platform

Artificial Intelligence

Artify research work focus is on developing AI based software components that are platform agnostic and are built as components.

Process Automation

The previous two decades, the Information Technology globally focused on process automation through digitization on with solutions like Enterprise Resowice Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Core Banking & Insurance Solutions etc.